Lee County Education Foundation




“Having observed public education on a national basis, I know first-hand the importance of creating novel recognition and reward systems to model the excellence that will help us drive positive, permanent change. Lee County’s efforts also demonstrate that the most creative solutions originate at the local level.”

Richard W. Riley
Former U.S. Secretary of Education 


Real, Lasting Impact in Our Community

Few things in life are more important than good schools and quality education. For our neighbors, it’s the key to a rewarding job and a better life. For our community, it’s the path to economic development and civic success. Lee County Education Foundation is committed to enhancing success with its innovative Head of Class award — an initiative grounded in research and praised by local leaders, state governors and even a U.S. Secretary of Education. With your contributions and support, we can continue to elevate achievement. Because our children’s success and our community’s future depend on it.



Million Dollars Raised

Through individual and corporate contributions, we’ve raised money to impact our schools.



Years Serving lee county

Through sustained involvement, we’ve helped students, teachers and administrators to excel.



Thousand STUDENTS Impacted

Through initiatives, we’ve helped more than 5,000 students in recognized schools — and far more beyond.